Wedge Wire Panels for Architecture

Aughey screens offer a wide range of standard and bespoke wedge wire screen panels to the architectural industries. Flat panel screens are provided in sizes to suit your application and are commonly used for decorative floor, wall and ceiling grilles. Cylinder screens are also available with a wide variety of diameters offered, these profiles are often used on the outer facade of vertical columns and as part of a decorative lighting scheme.

Wires and Support Rods

Aughey Screens offers a wide range of wire and support rod shapes, sizes and pitches to best suit your application and specification. Various frame sizes and lock down features are also offered to assist with creating an aesthetically pleasing design feature which is robust and safely secured.

Screen Shapes

Architecture screens can be formed into many imaginable shapes and are not limited to flat and cylindrical shapes.
In addition to the standard mill finish of our architectural stainless steel screen, we also offer a wide range of polished, satin and satin grit finishes.