Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is increasingly being adopted more and more by the architectural community and building industry. 

Aughey Screens basis for the innovative strength and quality of these products comes from our decades of experience in manufacturing technical woven wire for separation and filtration.

Woven wire is ideal for architectural projects because of its optical and functional properties. May of which include their reflectiveness, transparency and opaqueness, flexibility and robustness, permeability to light and air, practically unlimited service life, ease of cleaning, recyclability and functional protection against the sun, drafts and impacts. 

Wire mesh facades offer an ideal solution for both internal and external requirements. The various combinations of wire diameters, aperture sizes and mesh patterns result in each application having its own unique appearance. When these products are combined with suitable lighting the results are very impressive. There are a number of different fitting options available depending on the mesh type and the application.